I create digital experiences.

I’m a one-stop shop for beautiful, thoughtful, and inventive digital products.

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My passion is distilling big ideas into functional (and delightful!) experiences.

I specialize in strategic design for small companies–I love digging in and exploring every facet of a brand. With a proven knowledge of creative strategy grounded in user research data, my role is to synthesize numerous objectives into cohesive, beautiful, and high-performing products. Learn more in my resume.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time pinning improbable purchases (I mean...) and playing with my pet bunny.

Visual Design

Form just fell in love with function.

UX Design

Driven by data. And prototypes!

Front End

Squeaky-clean code brings out the OCD in me.

Art Direction

From strategy to styling.



I meet with stakeholders and users, translating business and user objectives into a workable criteria for the product.


User Research

Through a combination of user interviews and surveys to targeted groups, I reconcile multiple objectives into cohesive ideas.


Ideation / Wireframes

I whiteboard ideas in small groups, then translate them into wireframes and prototypes to review internally for edits and approval.


User Tests

By showing protoypes to users, I validate my ideas and decide which features will make it into the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Design / Development

I work with back-end developers to make the product function as expected, then finalize the design in front-end code.


Testing / Iteration

After the MVP launches, I develop a plan for CRO (conversion rate optimization) testing + a blueprint for future enhancements.



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My digits are (360) 798-8358

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I'm located in Portland, OR

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