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barre3 Rebrand

Website / Style Guide

barre3 Rebrand Homepage
Project Details

For: barre3

A fitness brand

Role: Product Design, Art Direction

Date: 1 January 2016

About the Project

Barre3 hired me to guide the design direction of their new website. They needed a custom platform to support their business, which includes hundreds of studio locations, an online workouts subscription service, a blog, and a shop. I was deeply involved in every step of the year-long process, from the holistic vision to minute details of the execution. I also translated my work into a style guide that set the tone for the rest of the company’s print, retail, and social media design efforts.

The Research

I dove into UX research with a series of user interviews and surveys. I found that the website’s biggest issue was its cluttered and disorganized layout, which felt off-putting and off-brand, and made it hard to find content.

“Whenever I take a class in one of your studios, I always think how clean and modern they are. The website doesn’t really match how the studios feel.”


Studio Client

The Planning

After building out a site map, I altered it to optimize user flows and better support our business goals.

Sitemap Evolution

barre3 Rebrand Sitemap

The Design System

Almost every part of the barre3 brand was up for reevaluation, except for the logo and orange brand color. I tested various typefaces, additional colors, and visual treatments to find a style that felt fresh but wasn’t too radical of a departure from the old branding.

Button and Link Exploration

barre3 Rebrand Buttons and Links

I decided to use bold, clean Futura for the primary typeface, and brought in a handwritten accent font to express the warm, personal touch that is such an important part of the barre3 brand.

Visual Treatments Exploration

barre3 Rebrand Visual Treatments

The Launch

Index pages were converted from unwieldy lists into visually-driven rows of categorized carousels. Drop-down menus offered more filtering options (a feature that many users requested in my initial interviews).

Old Recipe Index

New Recipe Index

barre3 Rebrand Recipe Index barre3 Rebrand Workout

I systematized layouts with a left sidebar element and reorganized content for maximum clarity.

Old Online Workout

New Online Workout

barre3 Rebrand Workout barre3 Rebrand Workout

The Style Guide

When the design was complete, I created a living style guide as a resource for barre3’s collaborators, developers, and other designers. The new guide not only informed branding decisions but also provided a system of naming conventions for our developers to use.

barre3 Rebrand Style Guide

The Feedback

After the site launched, another round of user interviews confirmed that it was now much easier for users to find content. There was also a flurry of unsolicited feedback from users who loved the new look:

“I’m obsessed with your new website! It’s so user-friendly, clean, and PRETTY!”


Online Subscriber

barre3 Rebrand Recipe