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B3 All In

Wellness Campaign / Workout Tracker

B3 All In LP
Project Details

For: barre3

A fitness brand

Role: UI Design, Product Design

Date: 5 January 2017

About the Project

Every January barre3 catches the momentum of New Year's resolutions with a special month-long program to drive in-studio attendance and online subscriptions. In the past this had been solely a marketing campaign with the requisite landing page and registration flow. But this year I was excited to create a new feature to accompany the campaign: a goal-setting and tracking widget to help our online subscribers stay motivated.

The Landing Page

Users signed up for the program via a landing page that I designed with elements that built on barre3's brand in a fun new way.

The Wireframe

The Final Landing Page

B3 All In LP
B3 All In Handbook

We launched the landing page with an A/B test for the registration flow, and I quickly discovered that version B improved the sign-up conversion rate by 12%. It looks more complex, but it actually simplified the online sign-up option by removing a step from the subscription purchase funnel. (Most studio clients found out about the program in person, so there was less need to sell them on it online.)

Version A

Version B

B3 All In Test

The campaign was barre3’s greatest January program success so far. 18,861 people signed up, which crushed our goal of 15,000 and left last year’s total of 12,502 in the dust!

The Goal Tracker

After joining B3 All In, you could access the new goal-setting and tracking feature for online workouts, which we created to address one of our users' biggest problems. Our surveys and user interviews had made it clear that the majority of subscription cancellations were due to a lack of motivation.

“I realized that I’d gone a few weeks without doing a single’s hard to stay motivated.”


Cancellation Survey Respondent

I wanted to address this problem with a feature that was simple and intutive, but also fun and rewarding.

Goal-Tracking Wireframes

B3 All In Tracker Wireframes

I ended up with a tracker that lets you set up a weekly schedule with one-click workout reminders, sent to you via text or email. It also rewards you with a custom emoji for each day that you worked out, and tallies up your weekly activity.

The MVP Goal Tracker

B3 All In Tracker

I put the tracker front and center in the experience (see more about online subscriptions in my B3 Weekly project) so users always had that visual reminder to use it week by week.

B3 All In Workout

The scheduled workout reminders were randomized from a large and evolving list, so each day's message would continue to feel fresh and relevant. I tied the messages in with the goal tracker by incorporating the same emojis.

B3 All In Emojis

48% of users set a goal for themselves within the first week after launch, and it’s really made a difference to them: those who regularly set a goal now average almost two more workouts per week than they had been without a goal!