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B3 Weekly

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B3 Weekly
Project Details

Type: Product

For: barre3

A fitness brand

Date: 5 May 2016

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About the Project

When I joined barre3, the company offered one simple online workouts subscription. For $15 a month, users could access a library of 10-60 minute workouts, with new videos added monthly. We saw a gap in the market for a more premium product that lived up to barre3’s ambition to be the most attentive brand in the fitness space. I worked alongside our Director of Technology and the company founders to design and build this new product.

The Problem

Based on my research, I identified two main issues with the original UX:

1. The workout library (at 200+ videos and counting) was so big and unwieldy that it overwhelmed users.

2. There was no sense of urgency for users to maintain a consistent regimen. Subscribers loved the workouts at first, but they lost motivation and cancelled their subscriptions after an average of 3 months.

The Original Workout Library

An Original Workout Page

B3 Weekly

“I’ve never done well working out at home with videos. I did them a few times when I first subscribed and I did love them, but I find it hard to motivate myself to do the classes on my own with no one holding me accountable.”


Cancellation Survey Respondent


For our MVP (minimum viable product), I wanted to address those two problems. To keep the product fresh for engaged users, we decided to feature new workouts every week, rather than every month. We were concerned that adding new videos would make the workout library even more unwieldy, but I addressed this by redesigning the interface to display a weekly workout plan, curated by the instructor of the newest workout.

The Workout Tab Wireframe

The Planning Tab Wireframe

B3 Weekly

To solve the program’s lack of urgency, we added a commenting system to provide expert support; the instructor from each workout video would be available for one week after each release to answer questions. I also created a unique new layout: users could toggle from week to week if they wanted to revisit old content but the current week was always front and center.

The MVP Workout Tab

The MVP Planning Tab

B3 Weekly

With the redesign, I was able to address both of our problems. The frequently-updated content felt more fresh and dynamic, and the interface was less overwhelming because it presented the user with fewer options.

The MVP Learning Tab

B3 Weekly

Just these few simple changes made a big difference to barre3’s users. Thousands of people upgraded to the pricier subscription and engagement levels soared: 39% of those subscribers did at least one workout per week, versus just 21% of people on the original subscription. 427 people left excited comments on the first week’s workout.

“I just have to share how much I LOVE the new look and the new weekly program. I have loved my online subscription but was starting to get tired of doing the same videos over and over and felt like there weren’t enough new workouts coming in. Thanks for making online Barre3 even more phenomenal!”


Upgraded Subscriber

Despite the positive feedback, I knew that the MVP’s layout wasn’t ideal. I had settled on using tabs to organize all the different content, but found that the secondary tabs were hardly being accessed by users. Only about 21% of users were visiting the Planning tab every week, and just 9% went to the Learning tab. For my next round of revisions, I wanted to make the layout more useful and intuitive.

The Second Round

I decided to reorganize the tabs into three activities that corresponded with barre3’s core values. The Exercise tab expanded to include the weekly workout, the workout plan, and the new goal-setting widget.

The New Exercise Tab

B3 Weekly

Nutrition content, including the weekly meal plan, went in another tab:

The New Nourish Tab

B3 Weekly

The Connect tab housed the improved commenting system, and a walkthrough tutorial for new subscribers replaced the content that had lived in the Learning tab. After the new layout launched, I was happy to see that the secondary tabs got a lot more views than previously; about 26% of users were now checking out the Nourish tab, and 24% were visiting the Connect tab.

The New Connect Tab

B3 Weekly

The new subscription plan was responsible for huge gains in our digital business: our MRR tripled within one year, and our churn rate decreased from 15% to 9% in the same time period. Subscribers on the new plan now cancel an average of 2 1/2 months later than those on the old plan.

You can preview the experience right here.