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B3 Weekly

Wellness Program

B3 Weekly User Profile Meal Plan
Project Details

For: barre3

A fitness brand

Role: Product Design

Date: 5 May 2016

About the Project

When I joined barre3’s digital team, we offered one simple online workout subscription. For $15 per month, users could access catalogs of workouts and recipes that were updated monthly. We saw a gap in the market for a more premium product that would live up to barre3’s ambition to be the most attentive brand in the fitness space.

The Original Subscription

There were two major pain points with the original product. First, the workout video and recipe catalogs felt static, and with hundreds of choices to pick from, they were hard to sort through. Second, there was no incentive to maintain a consistent regimen. Subscribers lost motivation and cancelled their subscriptions after an average of 3 months.

The Before: Workouts

The Before: Recipes

B3 Weekly Original Workouts B3 Weekly Original Workouts

“I did a few of the workouts when I first subscribed and I liked them a lot, but it's too hard to make myself to do the classes.”


Cancellation Survey Respondent

The Weekly Plan

I decided to address these problems with weekly workout and meal plans tailored to each user's preferences. Users could opt in any time by filling out a simple profile.

The User Profile

B3 Weekly User Profile Workout Plan

Thousands of users upgraded their subscription and engagement levels soared: 49% of those subscribers did at least one workout per week, versus just 31% of people on the original subscription. Hundreds of subscribers left excited comments:

“I was getting bored of doing the same videos over and over (but too lazy to find new faves). But now I've been doing fun new workouts every week without lifting a finger to find them!”


Upgraded Subscriber

The New Workout Plan Tab

B3 Weekly Workout Plan

The new subscription plan was responsible for exciting gains in our digital business: our monthly recurring revenue tripled within one year, and our churn rate decreased from 15% to 9% in the same time period. To see how I continued to improve the experience, check out my B3 ALL IN project.

The New Meal Plan Tab

B3 Weekly Meal Plan