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Goody Box Quiz

Personal Styling Service

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Project Details

For: thredUP

A fashion resale platform

Role: Product Design

Date: June 2020

About the Project

Goody Boxes is a personal styling service that has quickly become thredUP’s most successful subsidiary product. After my team proved out the concept with a minimum viable product, I was given some leeway to propose user experience improvements. The first thing I wanted to tackle was the first and most crucial part of the conversion funnel: the style quiz. It's how users share their sizes, style, and other preferences with our personal stylist.

Goody Box Categories

The Original Quiz

The first iteration of this quiz was a simple series of modals that asked very few questions, designed with the assumption that fewer steps would lead to higher conversions. I redesigned the quiz to include more questions and separated them out so users could stay focused.

Pants, Before & After

Goody Box Quiz

The Goal

My competitive analyses had led me to believe that getting more detail from users about their preferences would lead to a higher rate of items kept, which could offset a lower conversion rate. I also believed I could shore up that conversion rate by making the quiz more immersive and fun.

Body Type Explores

It's really tricky to convey body types in a clear, yet sensitive manner! I tested this question on users a couple of times before getting it right.

Body Type Explores Body Type Explores

The Redesign

An important consideration for me was that the quiz results were fed into the stylist’s admin tool in a way that improved their workflow. In order to remain efficient, stylists have to choose 10 items for each box in only about 15 minutes. So most of the question needed to map back to thredUP’s tagging system, automatically filtering the stylist’s options.

Color Preferences

Color Filters

The Results

My update was the most dramatic success of any product-led test his year. It not only improved the rate of items kept like I expected, by 8%, but it also increased conversion rate by a shocking 35% of desktop and 29% on mobile web. My hunch was that this type of quiz is one of the few user flows that bucks the trend of fewer steps improving performance. User interviews helped confirm this belief:

“I felt like it asked all the right questions and didn’t go overboard like some other quizzes I’ve done that ask for measurements and stuff. It was just fun and easy!”


Goody Box Subscriber

After testing the new quiz as a webview on our native apps and seeing a 30% increase in conversion, it was obvious that our next step would be to add a native implementation. In the meantime, you can take the quiz on the website!