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Crime Scene Science
Project Details

Type: Infographics

Client: eLocal

Dates: 2012-2014

About the Project

During my last quarter of college, I got an internship making infographics as a clickbait strategy for eLocal. From making complex information digestible, to assessing which topics would be the most interesting to users, the work was a real education in design outside the classroom. When I graduated, I was hired on full-time as a web designer and continued to make infographics as my other projects permitted. They racked up hundreds of thousands of shares, and I was even asked to make an infographic on the famine in Somalia for the Washington Post.

I had just a week to pull all my sources together and create a piece on the famine that would resonate with an American audience. To that end I incorporated a lot of comparisons, such as a graph that captured the daily diet of a typical Somali vs. a typical American. Fascinating, guilt-inducing stuff!

The Somali Famine

My Why Buy Local infographic was my biggest success in terms of popularity (it’s still the #1 image for that search term on Google!)

Why Buy Local

My personal favorite project was this step-by-step explanation of the jury duty process, because I think I succeeded in making a dry topic much more engaging by relating it back to the viewer. (I also had fun illustrating the people breaking out of their charts and running away!)

Trials of a Jury